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Whiteboard manuscript paper

Today I started preparing for my group lessons with homemade whiteboard manuscript paper. These are really easy to make and are great for classroom music or small group/individual lessons. These are really easy to make, all you need is a laminator and you can either draw lines on a sheet of paper or I have given the instructions  below to use Word or a word processing/desktop publishing application.

Students can draw on the pages with whiteboard markers. When they get a little bit older the colour is harder to remove with a cloth but if you use a little bit of mentholated spirits on the cloth it is easier to remove.

Here are the instruction for Word:

  1. Change your page to Landscape.
  2. Insert a table with 1 column and 4 rows.
  3. The rows were 1 cm height and the line were at least 1pt.
  4. Copy and paste the table to have 2 staves.
  5. Extend your table out as wide as you require it.
  6. Print and laminate.

In future blog posts I will add some lessons/games for using your whiteboards in your classroom or small group/individual lessons.

Manuscript picture