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Musical Dice Game

Recently I introduced a new game to my 6-8 year old group lesson and they were so excited to share their rhythms the following week.

First we used the flash cards to lean and practice 1 beat rhythms. After they understood the concept I introduced the following game.

Musical Dice Game

You will find the resources to download at the bottom of the page.

  1. The game is to roll the dice and write down the note/rest that you rolled. Each side of the dice is only worth 1 beat.
  2. Once you have written down the 4 bars you need to clap the rhythm.
  3. I laminated the worksheet so that it can be reused.

Instead of using a cardboard dice, I purchased small wooden blocks (after teaching the game to the students) and I drew the notes/rests on the sides of the blocks.





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Whiteboard manuscript paper

Today I started preparing for my group lessons with homemade whiteboard manuscript paper. These are really easy to make and are great for classroom music or small group/individual lessons. These are really easy to make, all you need is a laminator and you can either draw lines on a sheet of paper or I have given the instructions  below to use Word or a word processing/desktop publishing application.

Students can draw on the pages with whiteboard markers. When they get a little bit older the colour is harder to remove with a cloth but if you use a little bit of mentholated spirits on the cloth it is easier to remove.

Here are the instruction for Word:

  1. Change your page to Landscape.
  2. Insert a table with 1 column and 4 rows.
  3. The rows were 1 cm height and the line were at least 1pt.
  4. Copy and paste the table to have 2 staves.
  5. Extend your table out as wide as you require it.
  6. Print and laminate.

In future blog posts I will add some lessons/games for using your whiteboards in your classroom or small group/individual lessons.

Manuscript picture

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Strive Learning Music Studio

Strive-Learning-Music-StudioStrive Learning Music Studio has now opened in Northern NSW (Casino).

I will be teaching classical voice (including musical theatre) and theory in individual and group lessons. You will find more information about group and individual lessons (including prices) on my About  page.

If you are interested in lessons or know somebody who is looking for a teacher, please pass on my details.

I have also set up a Facebook page.